Congratulations to the Migra team on successfully executing my complex move. Big thanks to Goran who was flexible and accommodating: picking up my IKEA items in Zagreb on Day 1, then a 3 a.m. start toward Split on Day 2 to avoid worsening weather conditions, ferry crossing to Supetar and loading up the truck (2nd floor apt with no elevator, bulky furniture), then Day 3 early start toward Istra and speedy unloading to avoid the approaching rain storm.
The movers team was professional, pleasant and most importantly, patient - they were willing to pack the truck in an alternative way in order to make it easier for me to find, identify and unpack boxes in their designated area of my new home. The bulky sofa-bed would not fit through the door, no problem for these gentlemen, they quickly identified how to partially dismantle it and continue loading the truck in good spirits!
Nothing was damaged nor broken during the move. Having moved a few times within North America, I can honestly say these gentlemen stand alongside the best! I would sincerely recommend the entire Migra team! Thank you!!!!

Ksenija Španović